08 February 2012


Acupuncture Can Cut Stress

22 Dec 2011  |  Daily Mail 


Acupuncture really does reduce stress levels, say scientists.


In the first study of its kind, a team found the ancient Chinese therapy reduces levels of a protein linked to chronic stress. Although the research was carried out on rats, researchers say it might help explain the sense of well-being many people receive from the therapy. If their findings are replicated in human studies, it could offer a proven treatment for stress. 


The U.S. study tested the effect of acupuncture on blood levels of the protein neuropeptide Y (NPY), which in humans controls the sympathetic nervous system’s ‘flight-orfight’ response.

Dr Ladan Eshkevari, of George-town University, said: ‘It has long been thought acupuncture can reduce stress, but this is the first study to show molecular proof.’ 


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