Asthma & Lungs

LungsThe Lungs in Chinese medicine are paired with the colon, just as kidneys and bladder, or liver and gall bladder are associated organs. The reason for this relationship is that the skin turns in at both ends of the body and becomes mucus lining. So, conditions affecting the Lungs may reflect a disturbance in its paired organ, the Colon.

The Lungs have also a relationship to the kidneys, as both organs maintain the PH balance of the body (acid alkaline balance). In Chinese medicine one can have kidney or lung deficiency asthma. The importance of this diagnosis is that the treatment will be different depending on the organ involved.

Another influence on lung function is upper spine restriction or fixation. The first six nerves of the thoracic spine supply the heart and lungs.  Therefore disturbances, such as palpitations, breathlessness, or an existing asthma condition becoming worse, may be due to an upper back problem.

A further influence on the lungs may come from the neck, as the cervical nerves C3, C4, C5, innervate the diaphragm – (3,4,5, keep your diaphragm alive!).

Balancing of the meridian system with herbs and homoeopathic medicine and, where required, allergy testing and desensitisation may be appropriate. Acupuncture and chiropractic can also contribute to improvement of respiratory symptoms.

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