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Many new mothers (and often fathers, who tend to get back pain from holding the new born) know too well that being a parent can be back breaking. Research into back pain during and after pregnancy confirms that more than 70% of Mothers suffer from aches and pains. But Jo’s story will show you that you don’t have to put up with the pain. Jo Hussey, who works as a beautician, is the Mother of two children, Ted and Nina.

‘I used to be a ballet dancer and dancing itself is a strain for the joints and muscles. Ballet involves sudden changes of direction, twisting, leaping, and sudden starts and stops. Years of dancing left me with painful knees and lower back. I also developed bunions from constant wearing of ballet shoes and from the stress placed on my feet during dancing.

My problems increased in intensity after I gave birth to my first baby. Ted was a wonderful baby, but lifting and carrying him around in my arms or on the hips during the day was not helping my back and knees. As if it was not enough, my right eye started to twitch and I also had weird twitches in the pelvic region.

I visited a Chiropractor, called Thomas Marshall-Manifold, who used chiropractic technique to realign and mobilise my spine. He also worked on my bunions, to ease the pain and adjust the displaced joints. He explained that all my spinal and foot problems were a result of my pelvis being out of alignment. That helped me to understand the pelvic twitches, but I was still curious if my back problems could be connected to the eye twitching. They were! As Thomas explained, it was compression of my upper back nerves as a result of restriction in the spine between my shoulder blades that caused the twitches. After the adjustment, they stopped almost immediately.

My back feels so much better now. In addition to no longer having pain, the overall tightness has lessened. I am able to do more without pain and have more energy. Now it’s not so much pain, but all the other symptoms that tell me I need to see my chiropractor. If my eye starts twitching again or my back is tight, I know it’s time to make an appointment with Thomas.

Ted is now five years old and we have another baby, Nina who is two. I also saw Tom for treatments during my second pregnancy. He worked on my back so that it was strong to hold the extra weight and resolved a lot of discomforts that came with the hormonal changes in my body. He gave me confidence that I was in optimum condition and ready for the birth.

I still see Thomas for chiropractic adjustments time to time. Taking care of a baby and a toddler makes stabilising my spine difficult, as I often have to lift the buggy in and out of the car or carry Nina on my hips. But regular treatments help me to keep my body healthy.’

Thomas Marshall-Manifold has over 25 year experience helping people with variety of health problems. He has helped many people with back pain to restore the health of their spine with Chiropractic Technique. He also developed a unique system of health testing and uses natural therapies including Acupuncture, Herbalism and Complex Homoeopathy to help people improve their health.

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