Niall Marshall-Manifold


"I Believe that a correct diagnosis is key!

By using our skills in musculoskelatal radiography, I believe chiropractors are one of the best suited to diagnosing problems arising from the mechanics of the body. I also believe that not everything can be treated by chiropractic adjustments.Hence I love what the Wimbledon Clinic offers its patients. It is the first clinic I have worked in that offers patients a uniquely satisfying patient experience while delivering some of the very best results"

Niall Marshall-Manifold

Niall is a registered Doctor of Chiropractic with the General Chiropractic Council. He has been practicing Chiropractic at the Wimbledon Clinic for over 3 years. As a experienced personal trainer Niall trained through the renowned American Council of Exercise program. He has also undertaken rehabilitation work with special populations (post surgical & congenital physical disabilities groups). Trained as a senior gym instructor (Kinetica Gyms), spinning bike instructor (Indoor Cycling Education) and in back and neck rehabilitation. Niall is one of the Chiropractors who promotes wellness through a strong emphasis on physical rehabilitation. Other interests include: Consulting on office ergonomics and work station optimisation for large London based companies. He has raised money for charity by cycling both London - Windsor and London – Brighton. He is also a member of Back care, the charity for healthier backs.

With his keen interest in sports related injuries Dr. Marshall-Manifold is a practitioner of extracorporeal shockwave therapy, a pioneering, non-electrical, therapy for tendon pain. With a specialist unit he will be one of the only chiropractor's currently performing the treatment within the London area. He is currently activly persuing clinical studies in Sports Chiropractic and ESWT and is pursuing a masters in Ultrasound Imaging.

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