Poor Digestive Function


Poor digestive function has a number of causes. It may result from an immature gut in infants and from heavy antibiotic usage or the lack of the protein digesting enzyme DPP4. The possible relationship between the lack of DPP4 enzyme and the symptoms of PDD/autism is the recent discovery of Dr. Alan Friedman at Johnson & Johnson Labs. Without essential digestive enzymes, such as DPP4, partially digested proteins such as gluten and casein may leak into the blood.

Partially digested proteins have odd configurations and mimic other complex molecules such as endorphins. Endorphins are nervous system proteins that act as painkillers. Partially digested gluten or casein proteins may bind to pain killing (opiate) receptors and cause behavioural symptoms of poor eye contact, irritability, or disconnection.

Poor digestion may or may not elicit an immunoglobulin response. It may cause inflammation symptoms instead, such as intestinal irritability, stomach ache and/or diarrhoea. These reactions are not technically allergies. Nor is opiate activation technically a true allergy. When IgG or IgE testing finds milk or gluten sensitivity, it is because the chemical messages weaving through the body tripped the allergy system.

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