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Sarah Stacey, co-author of The Beauty Bible and Feel Fabulous Forever (both Kyle Cathie)

'About three years ago, I was exhausted and having physical problems, but all my doctor prescribed was possibly HRT. Instead, friends pushed me to go and see Tom Marshall-Manifold at his clinic for natural medicine: I had written about him before and had recommended him to other people.

`Tom specialises in bio-energetic medicine. He measures the organ functions, hormone levels, and allergic reactions of each patient with equipment called Prognos (a non-invasive examination). He then balances the body with a combination of complex homoeopathy, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements. Within a month, I felt better than I had done for years. I now see Tom as my "GP " - it wasn't a policy decision, but, after seeing him, I was simply never ill.

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Brain Frequency Analysis



Shockwave Therapy 

Dr Thomas explains what is Brain Frequency Analysis and how it can determine the health of a patient.

Find out more about our chiropractic treatment at Wimbledon Clinic and why we differ from other clinics.

A system that helps us determine the state of your health and prescribe a customised program to suit you.

Learn more about Shockwave Therapy and how it can be a highly effective treatment, that is comparable to surgery.


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