BBC Radio 4


The Interview with Anna Ford on BBC Radio 4


Dr. Thomas Marshall-Manifold taking part in an interview on BBC Radio4, discussing how important the functioning of the immune system is and the placebo effect of holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.

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Best Magazine


Chiropractic Put an End to My Back Agony


A sceptic patient who decided to give alternative treatment a try after conventional medicine failed him.

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 Child of London  

Allergies & Children


We are thrilled to be a regular contributor to Child of London to give advice to many families who have been struggling with different health problems, especially allergy in children.

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Alternative Options for Infertility


One of our success stories of a patient who came to us for a fertility treatment. Now they live happily in sunny Spain with two lovely children.

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Free From Candida?


Are you tired and constantly suffering from bloating and discomfort? Candida could be your problem!

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Growing Skin in Summer


We have all heard the line "Beauty from within", but how can this old saying be applied to the complementary treatment. Check out one of our interesting articles that has been featured in Child of London.

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Hope for Kids with ADHD?


Dr. Thomas sheds light on how to control ADHD in children with a new learning strategy and technology.

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Me, My Babies and My Back


A true story of one of our patients, a mother who had back problems from lifting and carrying around her two babies, leaving her with long term back and knee pain, eye twitching and bunion problems. With the help from Chiropractic therapy, she has now left those problems in the past.

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If you are suffering from Migraines or know someone who does, you know just how bad these symptoms can be. In Jan-Feb 2010 issue, we gave you jam packed information on the cause of Migraines and new solution to eliminate migraines without the use of drugs.

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Natural Therapies for Asthma


Asthma is a growing problem among UK children. For most kids, it means long-term use of inhalers and taking asthma control drugs. But does it have to always be that way?

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Overcoming Infertility


After years of struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Anne Ioannides, a 37 years old graphic designer, has the best proof of the link between fertility and natural medicine – a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

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In Sep-Oct 2010 issue, we revealed the world of PMT/PMS, Pre-menstrual Tension and Pre-menstrual Syndrome. A horrible time of the month that can turn the world of a woman and people around her upside down. Find out what you could do to control and treat this condition.

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Daily Mail


Without Taste or Smell, I Became Cut Off from the World


We are so excited to be featured in the Daily Mail. A true story of Justin Hayward, lead singer of The Moody Blues, who has suffered from the occasional loss of taste and smell since he was a child. Then, seven years ago, he lost those senses completely but finally recovered them with alternative remedies.

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Harpers & Queen


I Promised You a Miracle


A big thanks to Sarah Stacey, co-author of The Beauty Bible and Feel Fabulous Forever, who wrote such a testimonial to Harpers & Queen (or Harper Bazaar's now) about her treatment with Dr Thomas.

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 Men's Health  

I'd Be Lost without Him


An article written by the Beauty Bible expert, Sarah Stacey, gives an inside information on how Derek Fowlds, 60, who is an actor in Heartbeat ITV has been free of gout and has reduced his cholesterol since having treatment at Wimbledon clinic.

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The Healer


Thank you Tatler for mentioning Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Therapy in the article!

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The Daily Telegraph


The Cure that Smells Sweet


The Daily Telegraph also featured the story of Justin Hayward, lead singer of The Moody Blues, who suffered with Anosmia in the different view.

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The Mail on Sunday


Putting the Spring Back


Michele Brown, mid 40s, author, housewife and mother, writes her 4 week investigation on our bio-energetic medicine (Prognos) at the Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine, featured in the Mail on Sunday. Find out how it changed her health & wellbeing!

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Woman's Realm


I could Smell the Freshly Mown Grass


It is terrible to not be able to smell a flower from your own garden. That was what happened to Sarah Gault, 53, a gardener from East Sussex.

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Video Gallery

Brain Frequency Analysis



Shockwave Therapy 

Dr Thomas explains what is Brain Frequency Analysis and how it can determine the health of a patient.

Find out more about our chiropractic treatment at Wimbledon Clinic and why we differ from other clinics.

A system that helps us determine the state of your health and prescribe a customised program to suit you.

Learn more about Shockwave Therapy and how it can be a highly effective treatment, that is comparable to surgery.


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