Treatment Of Children and Childhood Illness


By far the most common reason a child may be brought to the clinic is because of re-occurring infections with long periods of antibiotic treatment not remedying the situation. There may be a genetic weakness in their immune system, or their immune system has not had a chance to develop due to the constant intervention of antibiotics.    

Other reasons children visit the clinic are for the treatment of allergies causing eczemas, rashes, asthma, and digestive disturbances. There is a concept in natural medicine that the skin is like the outside of an overcoat, and the mucosa is the coats lining, therefore what manifests on the outside is an expression of what is going on inside.

The effects of vaccines are another reason why children are brought to the clinic, especially if vaccines have been administered while the child is “run down”. Homoeopathic vaccine preparations can neutralise these effects and herbal and nutritional prescriptions can correct and strengthen imbalances and weakness’s.

When babies are brought to the clinic for reasons of poor or slow development, Digestive impairment, or skin rashes, the mother if breast feeding is often to “blame” due to Mum’s inability to digest and absorb foods or having an underlying allergy or food intolerance. Therefore treatment of Mum will treat the baby

Hyperactivity, ADHD, and learning difficulties are another why children may attend the clinic. Reasons for these conditions can be varied or due to a combination of factors, dietary, metabolic, yeast overgrowth, allergies and intolerances. (See organic urine test – gut fermentation tests – gut permeability test)

Allergostop is a system of allergy treatment developed in Germany from the serum of a patient’s own blood it is in essence pure homoeopathy, like fighting like.


“How do you treat children? The same as adults, only better”



Measurement of a 3 month old baby in red and the baby’s mother in blue. Baby’s measurements are the nearest you can get to perfection. The mothers’ measurements show low energy levels in the Pancreas and Gall Bladder, also the Bladder meridian – associated with low back and pelvis. It should be noted that the Mother’s first baby was born with gall stones


Measurement of the same baby at 6 months old (in red) with the mothers measurements in blue. It can be seen that the baby is now showing its genetic health characteristics, which is the same as the mother, weakness in the Pancreas and the Gall Bladder


Measurement of an 18 month old baby who is feeling unwell 10 days after vaccine. It can be seen from the Prognos analysis that the Liver energy is depressed, and an appropriate course of treatment can be prescribed


Prognos meridian measurements of a 9 year old boy post tonsillectomy. His patents were concerned for his immune system following a long period of infections prior to the operation.

As it is only the Lung meridian that is depleted, and not the Spleen ( main immune organ) the cause of the reoccurring infections was due to toxic tonsils and not a weak immune system.


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