ADHD – Hyperactivity – Learning Difficulties


The study and the evaluation of the syndrome of ADHD and other related conditions could be a lifetime occupation, the further one explores the wider the parameters become. As the subject of child behaviour, hyperactivity, and learning difficulties becomes more recognised, so too must the reasons and causes of these various syndromes be diagnosed. Very seldom is there a single clear-cut explanation for these conditions. Therefore any attempt to address or remedy such a condition needs to be multifaceted. Skeletal misalignment affecting the nervous system may well be well be as aspect to address especially where the cause is from trauma experienced in pregnancy, childbirth, or childhood trauma, that if addressed can only benefit a child or young adult. Evidence of yeast overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, inborn errors of metabolism, amino acid and fatty acid abnormalities are correctable factors that where evident need to be addressed. Other factors are allergies, exposure to toxins, and electromagnetic and chemical influences or the effects of vaccine or bacterial and viral infections. Understanding the causes helps to develop the appropriate remedies. It is perhaps a little known fact that ADHD can follow into adulthood, which makes it an absolute necessity to address the situation. A multifaceted test procedure for objectively assessing individuals involves relative blood and urine analysis, allergy testing and stool analysis if necessary. Brain frequency analysis and possible Corrective of abnormal findings by a programmable electromagnetic device called the empulse has proved beneficial in many cases. These procedures where appropriate and the correction of metabolic disorders, deficiencies, elimination of toxins, correction of metabolic imbalances, and skeletal deviation, can make unnecessary the highly undesirable use of medication such as Ritalin and other similar medicaments 

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