I'd be lost without him



Sometimes the back twinges are so excruciating, the work pressures so overwhelming that even the strongest chap feels the need of a pair of helping hands.



Derek Fowlds (above right), 60, actor currently appearing as Oscar Blaketon in Heartbeat on ITV.


Thomas Marshall-Manifold, Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine, tel: 0208-543 5477.

I heard of Tom six years ago when I was taking drugs for gout - they had some side effects which really put the wind up me. Tom convinced me that I could stop taking the drugs. I did, and I haven't had gout since. I had high cholesterol levels as well, and Tom explained that everything is interlinked: the gout was there because the kidneys weren't functioning properly, and the kidneys tied into the heart and liver, which affected my cholesterol levels. Plus I had a sluggish thyroid, which made me tired.

Biological Medicine - Prognos means using homoeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, nutrition and a German form of chiropractic manipulation which centres round balancing the meridians or energy lines in your body - segments in your spine relate to particular organs, so if you have a blockage in your back the organ won't work well.

Tom put me on a programme of natural medicine, including homoeopathic drops, herbs and supplements. I now go to him every six months and get balanced. He monitors everything from cholesterol and blood pressure to whether I'm happy or stressed out. I feel terrific now and have done for the last six years. Tom's been extraordinary. The only trouble is you can't get him on the NHS.


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