Ozone Therapy / Oxygen Therapy


There has been much recent publicity concerning the depletion of the earth's natural ozone layer. Most people are consequently aware of the importance of ozone in protecting us from harmful solar rays. However, people may not be aware that ozone may also be effectively used in therapy.


Ozone in Medicine


The main properties of medical ozone are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is a fact that most of today's commonest health problems are due either to residual virus or post viral fatigue e.g. the ME Syndrome, or bacterial imbalances such as Candida (Monilia albicans). Further clinical evidence would suggest that the over-use of antibiotics in our society has had a long term debilitating effect on our inherent immune systems, thus, not only weakening our defence against invasive infection but also our response to it, e.g. Aids.


Cause of Illness


More than a century ago the French professor, Claude Bernard remarked (translated): "the microbe is nothing, the terrain is all", i.e. the conditions have to be favourable for an illness to develop. It is predominantly when blood and saliva are too alkaline, that the tissues become too acidic and fermentation begins. Most degenerative diseases develop from a state of fermentation behaving like fungus or yeast, multiplying and colonising. Consequently, it is in this predominantly alkaline environment that a whole host of conditions prevail, from cystitis to cancer.


How Does Medical Ozone Work ?


One of the major advantages of medical ozone is its ability to oxygenate the main tissues. Ozone, when applied in accordance with medical practice, has the effect of supplying oxygen to the deep ultra-cellular tissue structure, thereby not only oxygenating but also stimulating the patient's own respiratory enzymes in the healing process.

The Indications for Ozone and its Underlying Active Mechanisms of Action




External ulcers and skin lesions

Disinfection,Wound cleansing und Improved wound healing

Arterial circulatory disorders

Activation of RBC metabolism with an improvement of oxygen releaseActivation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and radical scavengers

Immunodeficiency and immunodysbalance eg

  • Chronic forms of hepatitis B and C
  • Supportive therapy in cancer patients
  • Supportive therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Activation of immunocompetent cells with release of cytokins such as interferons and interleukins.
Modulation of the immune system
Increase of antioxydative capacity by activation of biological antioxidants

Inflammatory condition such as

  • Knee arthrosis
  • Gonarthrosis
  • Traumatic knee disorders

Antiinflammatory effect

  • Activation of antioxidative enzymes as radical scavengers
  • Activation of immunocompetent and cartilage cells with release of TGF-ß

Dental medicine

  • Following tooth extraction
  • Buccal infections (eg candida)
  • Aphthae
  • Parodontosis

Disinfection,Wound cleansing,Improved wound healing


How Is Medical Ozone Applied?


Medical ozone may be applied in a number of different ways depending on the condition being presented. Some of the most commonly used applications in the Clinic are :-

(1) Ozone gas applications in body cavities (ozone enemas).
(2) Ozonized medical olive oil.
(3) Intramuscular injections.
(4) Ozone gas applied in vacuum bag.


Is Ozone Dangerous?


Applied correctly, ozone therapy is quite harmless and in most cases totally pain-free. Its highly beneficial and successful application in a wide range of medical conditions has rendered it invaluable to present medical practitioners.

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