Prognos offers a particularly comprehensive and holistic approach to diagnosis and therapy. It is based on the premise that illness does not appear 'out of the blue', but first shows as energetic functional disturbance, followed by chemical change and finally tissue change - a process that may take some years. Prognos combines the age old practice of Chinese acupuncture with the precision of Homoeopathy, using the most advanced electronic equipment available.


Prognos measures for abnormalities or malfunctions in each specific organ or organ system and enables us to work with a considerable degree of objectivity and accuracy to detect the real cause of an illness or disorder from the outset.Often discovered very early on in their development (sometimes before the patient is even aware that there is a problem), these functional disorders are then treated using homeopathic, herbal or nutritional preparations.

From the patient's view the biological approach is simple, non-invasive and undemanding, normally consisting of test measurements carried out on the hands and feet. The diagnostic equipment causes no discomfort or side effects and is therefore particularly advantageous for infants and children.

In the space station MIR over a ten year period the Prognos system was used daily to control and stabilise the health of the cosmonauts. Interestingly, the health problems and accidents that occurred on MIR started after Prognos was no longer in use.

Following the results of million’s of meridian measurements, the Russian’s developed a sophisticated computerised analysis system to determine the normal range of health in individuals considering their age and sex.




Normal/balanced energy reading                                              Abnormal energy pattern

Interesting Prognos Results


The graph shows the meridian energy balance of a mum and her baby. Mum’s meridian measurements are in blue, baby’s measurements are in red. Baby is 6 weeks old, not thriving and underweight. It can be seen that the energy levels for mum and baby are similar, this should not be the case! Mum’s Bladder meridian energy is very low. This can be a common finding in young mothers only weeks after childbirth.


This graph shows mum and baby’s energy pattern after a one month treatment programme. Baby’s energy pattern can now be considered to be in the “norm”. When we consider mums energy balance: once again the bladder meridian is the most deficient, but improving from the previous analysis (pelvic repair, healing, and rehabilitation)


 This graph is of Mum and baby when baby  is 3months old Baby at 3 months old is in good health and energy balance is near perfection!


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