The First Acupuncture Consultation



At your first acupuncture consultation, the Wimbledon Clinic acupuncturist will ask you detailed questions about your condition, your bodily functions and your lifestyle. The pulses on your wrist will be taken and your tongue examined. You will have a chance to ask questions.

Your acupuncturist will not be looking for symptoms in isolation as these are often part of a wider pattern of harmony and disharmony. Rather, through detailed questioning and observation, a comprehensive picture will be established. This will allow the selection of the appropriate combination of acupuncture points into which the acupuncturist needs to insert the needles.

Fine, sterile, disposable acupuncture needles are always used at the Wimbledon Clinic and the process should be almost painless, though you may feel a small pin-prick and some sensation of dullness or heaviness around the area needled.

Before your treatment you should avoid alcohol and coffee, and foods or drinks which colour the tongue. Try not to have a large meal within the hour before your treatment, though you should also avoid coming on an empty stomach. Please wear loose clothing for your appointment. You may find it easier to wear separates. After your treatment you may find that you feel particularly calm and perhaps a little light-headed.

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