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With more than 30 years experience in natural therapies and treatments, Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine offers a unique tailored combination of natural treatment and medicine that specifically developed by Dr. Thomas Marshall-Manifold. All treatment programmes are naturopathic based with a holistic approach, and natural medicines include concentrated herbal formulae, homoeopathic complex formulae, enzyme and nutritional therapies.

At Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine, we believe in a holistic system of healing based on traditional Chinese medicine and the principle of internal balance and harmony. Those fundamental theories take a deep understanding of human body and underlying problems. It explains the importance of health and overall wellbeing, having a problem in one part of your body may cause the disruption in other organs. Therefore, to treat symptoms and illnesses, we need to identify the core of the problem by using the most advanced technology on your first health screen before any treatments can begin and during your prescribed program. 

About Wimbledon Clinic

With over 30 years experience in natural therapies and medicines we truly understand the profound effect health concerns can have to a person, their families and their quality of life.

Watch this video to learn more about Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine and how we have changed their life.

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Dr Thomas explains what is Brain Frequency Analysis and how it can determine the health of a patient.

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