Candida Treatment - Cure Yeast Infection Naturally

There is a very important principle concerning Candida and other yeast-related infections, which is that yeast can only survive, develop and overgrow in an alkaline environment. 

Yeast overgrowth is a fermentative condition and fermentation can only happen in an alkaline environment, whereas a natural acid pH is a protective factor against yeast overgrowth. This concept can be confusing as we are led to believe that acidity is detrimental to health. This is true!, but only at the deep cellular level. Your blood, saliva, and mucus secretions oxidase and become alkaline in ill health.  Or put another way, ill health only manifests in an alkaline oxidative state. Therefore, successful treatment of disease states depends on the correction of the environment which allowed the disease process to develop in the first place.

The Clinic uses several test procedures to evaluate the acid/alkaline state of the patient:

Treatment programmes to correct pH imbalance and yeast overgrowth may include:

  1. 24 hour special salt  D-Tox  followed by Ozone Therapy
  2. Herbal, Homoeopathic, Nutritional, programme.
  3. Customised diet programme by Prognos
  4. Meridian balancing by Prognos
  1. Analysis of the Saliva – pH, rH2, r, to give an energy evaluation expressed in microwatts.
  2. Decoder Analysis  indicating acid/alkaline status of the body tissue.
  3. Laboratory test for Candida Antibodies.


Diagnosis Tests and Treatment

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