Brain Frequency Analysis

Brain Frequency Analysis

Brain Frequency Analysis

Safe measurement of the electrical impulses in the brain.

The principle behind this analysis is that weak or deficient electrical signals to the brain can cause physical ailments and that by correcting these signals we can help to treat imbalances associated with Migraine, Hormone imbalances, Allergy, Adrenal Stress, and Sleep problems and “Brain Fog”.

The test involves a simple, non-invasive measurement of the electrical impulses in the brain. Through a comfortable headset we are able to chart the power of signals received from the brain within the frequency bands of Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.

Whereby everybody’s brain activity is different, but when we are well there should be a harmony and state of balance in the test results with an acceptable level of energy.

Symptoms & Illnesses and Our Holistic Approach to Treatments

Symptoms & Illnesses

We believe in a holistic system of healing based on traditional Chinese medicine and the principle of internal balance and harmony. Those fundamental theories take a deep understanding of the human body and underlying problems. It explains the importance of health and overall wellbeing, having a problem in one part of your body may cause the disruption in other organs. Therefore, to treat symptoms and illnesses, we need to identify the core of the problem before any treatments can begin.


With over 30 year experience in natural therapies and medicines we truly understand the profound effect health concerns can have to a person, their families and their quality of life. That is why we give you the best naturopathic treatments available that tailored to suit individual needs to achieve maximum results, while always reanalyse your body to monitoring the success of each health program that prescribes to you.

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