Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones

Comprehensive Hormone Testing


Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones

This advanced hormone testing was developed to improve on available hormone testing options.  The DUTCHTM Complete offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites.

Additionally, the daily (diurnal) pattern of free cortisol is included along with melatonin (60HMS) and 8-OHdG (an oxidative stress marker).  This unique combination of clinical information is not available by any other method.

DUTCH Testing

What is it?

The DUTCH test is a urine steroid hormone profile that measures hormones and hormone metabolites (called conjugates) in a dried urine sample, and is performed from the comfort of your home. It is the most cutting-edge way to truly see what’s going on when it comes to your hormones, because it doesn’t just measure hormones, but also something called “metabolites”, which are a measurement of hormone production and hormone breakdown.

Measuring both hormones and their metabolites can give you or your health care practitioner a much better overall picture of hormone production. For example, a DUTCH urine steroid hormone profile on someone with low salivary cortisol could show normal cortisol production, but high levels of metabolites. In other words, this would
indicate that you are producing enough cortisol, but it’s just getting broken down into its metabolites very quickly.

There are also some metabolites that are important markers for cancer risk that can only be measured in urine.
With serum (blood) and saliva hormone spot-testing, it’s possible to track variations in hormone release throughout the day – and this is a great way to measure how your hormones change during a 24-hour
period (your circadian rhythm). In contrast, a standard 24-hour urine collection many physicians use reflects your total hormone output in a 24-hour period.

But by using the DUTCH urine steroid test, you get the best of all worlds: blood, saliva and urinary results with just a urine collection.

Why Use Dutch?

The Easiest Patient Collection

Patients collect just four or five dried urine samples over a 24-hour period.  Dried samples remain stable for several weeks and are the most convenient, and cost effective, for domestic and international shipping.

Analytical and Clinical Validation

Precision Analytical’s testing methods go through a rigorous validation process to verify accuracy, recovery, and linearity.  We pride ourselves in relentlessly pursuing the most accurate and precise techniques available for testing.  See the data on the back to support the analytical and clinical validation of this powerful new testing model.

Effective HRT Monitoring

DUTCHTM testing was designed to be optimally effective for most forms of hormone replacement therapy.  Unique methods are used for improved monitoring of oral progesterone and vaginal hormones.

DUTCH Testing

How does the DUTCH Test Compare to Other Tests?

DUTCHTM vs Saliva Testing – While the free cortisol pattern in saliva has clinical value, there is a significant missing piece to ? A patient’s HPA-axis function with saliva testing – measuring cortisol metabolites.  To properly characterize a patient’s cortisol status, free and metabolized cortisol should be measured to avoid misleading results when cortisol clearance is abnormally high or low.  Likewise with sex hormones, measuring estrogen and androgen metabolites gives a fuller picture for more precise clinical diagnosis of hormonal imbalances and HRT monitoring.

DUTCHTM vs Serum Testing – While serum is the most universally accepted testing method (due to the availability of FDA-cleared analyzers that are reliable and inexpensive), it is lacking in some areas.  Adrenal hormones cannot be effectively tested in serum because free cortisol cannot be tested throughout the day.  There is also a lack of extensive metabolite testing (especially for cortisol and estrogens).

DUTCHTM vs 24-hour Urine Testing – There are two primary drawbacks to urine testing of hormones.  First, the collection is cumbersome, and as many as 40% of those who collect, do so in error (Tanaka, 2002).  Secondly, dysfunction in the diurnal pattern of cortisol cannot be ascertained from a 24-hour collection.  Some providers add saliva for daily free cortisol.  DUTCHTM eliminates the need for two tests.

Our Range of DUTCH Testing

DUTCH Complete Test

This advanced hormone testing was developed to improve on available hormone testing options. DUTCH offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. Additionally, the daily (diurnal) pattern of free cortisol is included, along with melatonin (6-OHMS), 8-OHdG, and six organic acids. This unique combination of clinical information is not available by any other method.

DUTCH DNA Stress Test

Now the DUTCH Stress Test comes with even more information to assist patients in living a long, healthy life! We’ve added a biomarker, 8-OHdG, which measures the effect of endogenous oxidative damage to DNA. The marker is used to estimate the risk for various cancers and degenerative diseases.

DUTCH Test Cycle Mapping

The ultimate test for pre-menopausal women. For some women, testing reproductive hormones (progesterone, estrogen, etc.) on a single day is sufficient. In other scenarios, the clinical picture cannot be properly captured without “mapping” out the hormonal pattern throughout their menstrual cycle.

DUTCH Cycle Mapping PLUS

The DUTCH Cycle Mapping™ PLUS not only maps estrogen and progesterone through the monthly menstrual cycle but also adds the comprehensiveness of all the hormone metabolites along with the cortisol awakening response (CAR). This panel is designed for cycling women who struggle with ongoing symptoms such as monthly migraines, fertility issues, or PCOS.

DUTCH Insomnia Test

When patients suffer from insomnia, the 5 salivary cortisol measurements on the DUTCH Plus may not be enough to assess cortisol’s potential role in the sleep disturbances. Salivary measurements typically begin when the patient wakes and rises in the morning. It would be very helpful to also provide cortisol levels in the middle of the night when the patient is struggling to sleep. Determining cortisol’s potential role will help the provider treat the patient’s insomnia with precision.

DUTCH Oats Test

In our continued effort to innovate and improve, we’ve now added six organic acid tests (OATs) to our DUTCH CompleteTM and DUTCH PlusTM panels. Two neurotransmitter metabolites will offer insights into symptoms such as mood disorders and fatigue, and will be combined with markers for vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and glutathione deficiency. These new markers make DUTCH testing the most comprehensive overview of patient health available in one test.

DUTCH Test Hormone Pathways

Urine hormone testing measures free hormone levels only, because bound hormones are not metabolically active and thus are not broken down by the liver. Urine hormone testing allows you to get a picture of the active hormones in your body, not the bound and inactive hormones.

DUTCH Plus Test

The DUTCH Plus takes hormone testing to a whole new level. In addition to sex hormones and their metabolites, the DUTCH CompleteTM looks at the overall diurnal pattern of free cortisol, and the total and distribution of cortisol metabolites. The DUTCH Plus adds the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) to bring another important piece of the HPA-axis into focus.

Interested in our tests? Download a sample pack of DUTCH Test results below.

Download Sample Test Results

The DUTCH test measures the following:


  • Free cortisol
  • Free cortisone
  • Tetrahydrocortisone
  • a-tetrahydrocortisol
  • b-tetrahydrocortisol
  • DHEAs

Progesterone metabolites

  • a-pregnanediol
  • b-pregnanediol

Androgen metabolites

  • etiocholanolone
  • androsterone
  • testosterone
  • 5a-DHT
  • 5a-androstanediol
  • 5b-androstanediol
  • epi-testosterone

Oestrogen metabolites

  • estrone
  • estradiol
  • estriol
  • 2-OH-estrone
  • 4-OH-estrone
  • 16-OH-estrone
  • 2-Methoxy-estrone
  • 2-OH-estradiol
  • Melatonin-sulfate 6-OH

Organic Acid tests for

  • Vitamin B12 – (MMA)
  • Vitamin B6 – Xanthurenate, Kynurenate
  • Glutathione Marker – Pyroglutamate
  • Dopamine Marker – (HVA),(VMA)
  • Oxidative Stress / DNA Damage – 8-OHdG