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Traditional Chinese Medicine

PROGNOS is based on the experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as naturopathy and analyzes/evaluates the levels of proper functioning of the meridian system or single meridians – components of the SVFS.  Ancient knowledge was combined with most recent scientific findings of Russian space travel technology and orthodox medicine to become a system that provides sustained support for prevention and enables an early detection of diseases and weaknesses.  A picture of the “energetic state” of the body/an evaluation of the meridian function is generated, which is completely painless for the patient.  Already more than 5000 years ago, Chinese physicians found out that the cause of every disease can be traced back to a disturbed “energy cycle”/ the impaired vital energy.

The basic energy supply

With the help of meridian diagnostics based on the PROGNOS measuring technology, a status of the basic “energy” supply/proper functioning of the meridian system is created and possible weak points are pointed out clearly and reproducibly.  By means of additional detailed series of measurements, the causes of diffuse clinical pictures and chronic symptoms are detected.  Due to dynamic changes of electromagnetic properties of the meridian system, diseases can be identified before cellular damage causes symptoms and laboratory analyses show abnormalities.

Meridians – energy channels of the body

The meridians – the very delicate “energy channels” of the body – are the fastest and most sensitive information system of the body.  They run through the whole body like a “net” – also reaching deeply – but measurable on the surface with PROGNOS at the end and starting points.  Similar to the nervous system and the blood (just faster), this “net” contains all physical information.  It demonstrates the holistic relations that exist between organs, teeth, functional circulations and psyche/emotions.  The actual cause of a disturbance/change is identified via the condition of the skin at the meridian points.  The “energetic” change enables an early intervention with a soft “custom-made” therapy without side-effects.  There is no need to wait till the body signals its cellular damage with symptoms.

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Prognos Diagnostic Testing

How is it Measured?

Soft Measurement Without Pricking

The measurement is taken with a special cylindrical measuring pen which includes a sprint-mounted “tip” with a relatively large contact surface. When measuring, only the spring resistance has to be overcome. This way, the skin resistance can be determined with constantly little pressure. Due to the measuring current and the very little pressure of the measuring pen which human beings cannot perceive/feel it is guaranteed that the acupuncture point is not interfered with during the measuring process and reproducible measurement results are achieved. The twelve main meridians at hands and feet as illustrated below or only at hands as shown in the adjacent illustration are measured.

The holistic diagnosis and reproducible evaluation of the results.

Based on the results of longtime researches and millions of series of measurements in Russia, the respective measurement results of the patients are being evaluated since the end of the 1970s.  The evaluation is graphed and documented reproducibly in graphics that can be comprehended easily.  The personal evaluations are usually explained to the patient by the physician/therapist and handed out together with a detailed patient brochure.  This way, he receives objective information about proper functioning of his meridian system and possibly existing weak points.  If necessary, the physician’/therapist/s report is complemented by therapy and drug recommendations.  The respective therapies can be accompanied by the PROGNOS measurements and constantly be checked for their effectiveness.  This enables the reproducibility of targeted therapies up to recovery and also the combination with “soft” and holistic therapeutic procedures.

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