What is Ozone?

03 or Triametric Oxygen

Ozone 03 or triatomic oxygen is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms, a highly energetic form of normal or diatomic oxygen (o2) in the atmosphere.

At room temperature, 03 is a colourless gas with a characteristic odour (as in high altitudes). Closer to ground level it is found (as smog) at maximum concentrations of 1 part 03 per 10 million parts air (=0.1 ppm = 200∪g/m3). At a height of 200 meters., it generally occurs at only 0.03 - 0.04 ppm.

Due to its powerful oxidising and disinfectant properties, it is used both as a germicide in water treatment and as a purifier of drinking water on a worldwide basis.

External ozone is damaging to to the respiratory system and should not be inhaled over an extended period.

Single or repeated application of medical ozone in low concentrations, low quantities and in the specific forms of ozone-treatment the organism can make full use of its biological benefit.

This effect, nowadays generally known as hormesis, was already formulated by the famous Swiss physician Paracelsus (1493-1541) with the words; "All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose makes something  non-poisonous".


What is Ozone Therapy?

Properties and Effects

Medical Ozone is always a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen.

According to its application, the ozone concentration can vary between 1 and 100∪g/ml (0.5% - 5 Vol % O3).

A qualified physician determines the concentration and total dosage according to symptoms and general condition.

  1. Medical ozone has remarkable bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties. This is why it is widely used in the cleansing and disinfection of infected wounds and the elimination of fungus and combined infections.
  2. Its circulatory stimulant properties and ability to improve oxygen availability (via activation of red blood cells) is made use of to treat circulatory disturbances and to induce revitalisation.
  3. In the low concentration range O3 activates the immune system, thereby mobilising the body's own resistance to disease. As a response to O3 the immune cells produce specific messenger substances, the cytokines such as interferons or interleukins, which pass their information onto other immune cells, inducing a cascade of immune activities. This means that medical ozone can always be applied in cases of immune deficit.
  4. Small quantities of ozone, applied in the form of "major autohemotherapy", activate the cellular antioxidants and radical scavengers.