Allergy Treatment – Desensitisation

Reducing Severity


Results from extensive clinical studies on desensitisation have been very encouraging and show that desensitisation produces long-term remission of allergic symptoms or reduces their severity as well as reduces the chances of developing sensitivity to new allergens.

One study has tested the long-term effectiveness and safety of oral cow milk desensitisation, recalling children already desensitised in 2004 and checking the cow milk toleration status. The results of testing showed that 14 out of 20 children totally or partially tolerated cow milk and none of them reported use of emergency care. These results show that the tolerance induced by oral desensitisation persists in time. Desensitisation is an allergy treatment which addresses the underlying cause of the allergic disorder and works on the immune system level. It involves taking drops containing the allergen on a daily basis to induce immune tolerance and reduces the intensity of the allergic reaction.


Should I Consider It?

Desensitisation is an ideal treatment strategy for anyone who has a severe allergic reaction and is unable to avoid specific allergens on a daily basis. Also, it is an ideal therapy for any patients who have become intolerable to the side-effects of medication or has failed to control the allergy from their drug therapy.

How Does It Work?

Desensitisation treatment normally starts a few months before the season during which the reaction usually occurs, and it is done by taking a specially prepared dilution of the allergen and gradually increasing its dosage. It is easy to use and it can be safely taken at home.

This helps the immune system to prepare for the allergen, so it doesn’t go into the state of alarm when it encounters it. In some cases, herbal medicine will be prescribed to treat the underlying causes of allergies as well as alleviates the symptoms.

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