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The evidence suggesting that natural medicine can increase a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant is growing. Anne Ioannides is not surprised – after years of struggle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome she has the best proof of the link between fertility and natural medicine – a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

A 37 years old graphic designer, Anne married husband Willy 7 years ago and they decided to start a family. ‘I went off the pill and started charting my cycles. I figured it might take a little time for the effects of the pills to wear off since I had been on them for over 12 years. But after a year my periods were still long and irregular. After 2 years and no pregnancy, we went to an infertility specialist for some testing. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The doctor told me that my chances of getting pregnant without medical intervention were low.

So we tried everything: Clomid, Metformin, injectable drugs, two cycles of IVF. But nothing was working.

My husband and I were becoming mentally burnt out and depressed after over 4 years of trying without any success. Eventually, I told my doctor that we needed a break from the treatment and wanted to try a natural approach. I researched on the Internet and found the Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine. They were offering a different approach to health testing and a wide range of natural therapies. My treatments there started with a thorough Full Health Screen that focused on the energetic state of my body. In addition to this, my practitioner Thomas assessed levels of my Anti-Mullerian Hormone. He explained that this hormone, secreted by the small follicles on the ovaries, is important for prediction of ovarian aging, reserve and responsiveness and can help to monitor my response to the treatment. Based on my results he suggested an individualised treatment plan. I was taking a combination of herbal capsules and supplements to help support my natural cycle and prepare my body for a pregnancy. Thomas also recommended some dietary changes.

I knew that it might take months before I saw any results or progress. That’s why I was very surprised when I got my next period on time. Amazingly, I didn’t get the usual painful cramps and PMT. The two periods after also came on time, but by the fourth month 39 days went by and no period. Where was my period? I was growing anxious. I finally broke down and bought a testing kit just to ease my mind. I was used to getting negative results and wanted to get it over with. To my amazement, I watched it turn positive immediately. First thing on Monday I had a blood test done. I was thrilled when they called me with the good news: I was pregnant!

Thomas adjusted my individual prescription and I continued taking herbs and supplements during my pregnancy. I had a wonderful pregnancy and did not have any complications or morning sickness. Adam was born at home only with help of my midwife and is now a healthy and content baby boy. We are hoping to give him a sibling soon.’

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Dr. Thomas Marshall-Manifold has over 25 years experience helping people with health problems, including fertility and pregnancy care. He uses Acupuncture, Herbalism, Homoeopathy and Chiropractic. 


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