Ozone / Oxygen Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Properties and Effects

Medical Ozone is always a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen.

According to its application, the ozone concentration can vary between 1 and 100∪g/ml (0.5% – 5 Vol % O3).

A qualified physician determines the concentration and total dosage according to symptoms and general condition.

  1. Medical ozone has remarkable bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties. This is why it is widely used in the cleansing and disinfection of infected wounds and the elimination of fungus and combined infections.
  2. Its circulatory stimulant properties and ability to improve oxygen availability (via activation of red blood cells) is made use of to treat circulatory disturbances and to induce revitalisation.
  3. In the low concentration range O3 activates the immune system, thereby mobilising the body’s own resistance to disease. As a response to O3 the immune cells produce specific messenger substances, the cytokines such as interferons or interleukins, which pass their information onto other immune cells, inducing a cascade of immune activities. This means that medical ozone can always be applied in cases of immune deficit.
  4. Small quantities of ozone, applied in the form of “major autohemotherapy”, activate the cellular antioxidants and radical scavengers.
Ozone Therapy

The Immune System

The world is facing a crisis of antibiotic resistance, which impacts every treating physician on the planet. Thousands of patients die yearly in the USA from infections that have failed to respond to anti-infectives. Alarms have been ringing about bacterial infection fatality resurgence, the end of the antibiotic era, a calamity in progress.

Ozone therapy has been used in medicine since World War I. However, it is not patentable and has suffered from lack of private source funding for research sufficient to have it accepted by the mainstream. Basic science, both in vivo and in vitro, research has found it to have several effects including modulating the immune system, enhancing circulation, destroying microorganisms including bacteria and viruses, and enhancing oxygen delivery and consumption by the body. This report presents background basic ozone science and a case report of acute bacterial infection – tick bite cellulitis, which immediately responded to ozone therapy as the sole treatment, and which fully resolved within 24-48 hours. Ozone therapy could be considered as an adjunctive or alternative therapy for bacterial infection.

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The Indications for Ozone and its Underlying Active Mechanisms of Action


  • Disinfection, wound cleansing and improved wound healing.
  • Activation of RBC metabolism with an improvement of oxygen release
  • Activation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and radical scavengers
  • Activation of immunocompetent cells with release of cytokins such as interferons and interleukins.
  • Modulation of the immune system
  • Increase of antioxydative capacity by activation of biological antioxidants

Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Activation of antioxidative enzymes as radical scavengers
  • Activation of immunocompetent and cartilage cells with release of TGF-ß
  • Disinfection
  • Wound cleansing
  • Improved wound healing

More Information About Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Oxygen-Ozone therapy is a complementary approach less known than homeopathy and acupuncture because it has come of age only three decades ago. This book clarifies that, in the often nebulous field of natural medicine, the biological bases of ozone therapy are totally in line with classical biochemistry, physiological and pharmacological knowledge.

Ozone is an oxidizing molecule, a sort of super active oxygen, which, by reacting with blood components generates a number of chemical messengers responsible for activating crucial biological functions such as oxygen delivery, immune activation, release of hormones and induction of antioxidant enzymes, which is an exceptional property for correcting the chronic oxidative stress present in atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer. Moreover, by inducing nitric oxide synthase, ozone therapy may mobilize endogenous stem cells, which will promote regeneration of ischemic tissues.

The description of these phenomena offers the first comprehensive picture for understanding how ozone works and why. When properly used as a real drug within therapeutic range, ozone therapy does not only does not procure adverse effects but yields a feeling of wellness. Half the book describes the value of ozone treatment in several diseases, particularly cutanious infection and vascular diseases where ozone really behaves as a “wonder drug”. The book has been written for clinical researchers, physicians and ozone therapists, but also for the layman or the patient interested in this therapy.

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