Brain Frequency Analysis

Safe measurement of the electrical impulses in the brain.

The principle behind this analysis is that weak or deficient electrical signals to the brain can cause physical ailments and that by correcting these signals we can help to treat the ailment.

It involves a simple, non-invasive measurement of the electrical impulses in the brain. Through a comfortable headset we are able to chart the power of signals received from the brain within certain frequency bands. The results are then compared with a 'standard' reading to identify low or deficient signals.

The treatment for such variations is a revolutionary concept in electromagnetic therapy called Empulse. Invented by a migraine sufferer, this small device helps to boost low brain signals by emitting electromagnetic impulses that mimic the brain's normal activity. Carried by the patient, it is a particularly useful therapy for treating migraine, ME, insomnia, allergies, depression and back pain.

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