Cancer: Knowing the Enemy

We all produce new cells every day, many millions of them each week. Some of the replacement cells are defective due to different influences from inside and outside of the body. However, if our immune system works properly, unwanted cells are killed by the defence system before they begin to grow and threaten our health. All living human beings cure themselves of cancer over and over again as their immune system locates and deals with cancerous cells in the body. Our immune system already knows how to cure cancer and disease, and it has done so for decades.

Cancer gets diagnosed in our body when the immune system is not able to do its job properly. It cant keep up with destroying defective cells anymore. This can be because the immunity is weakened or because the workload is too high, there are too many defective, old, damaged or foreign cells to deal with. Usually cancer is a problem of both, the vitality of the immune system, and of its workload caused by increasing number of unhealthy cells in the body.

To maintain health and strength, our cells need their own balanced environment. And here also we are concerned with pH balance, mineral balance, hydration levels, good bacteria in the gut and other items of importance. Very simply, when these things are off balance the body is off balance as well and becomes more susceptible to diseases, including cancer.

How to Fight Cancer

The synergistic approach

Statistics show that the most successful approach to treating cancer is the synergistic approach, combining conventional treatment with holistic lifestyle and suitable natural treatments. An arsenal consisting of a diet rich in nourishing foods, regular exercise, therapeutic doses of antioxidants and other natural supplements, regular detoxification, a healthy emotional state through relaxation and meditation, combined with homoeopathic, herbal treatment and energy recharging therapies can dramatically increase your chances of combating and reversing cancer. Many therapists agree that there are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.

A full health screen, looking not just for evidence of pathology, but for imbalances and deficiencies in your blood, hormones, and immune system is your starting point.

Then from these results an individual programme of treatment and support can be developed to enhance your immune system in its fight to regain health and well being. Even if you have chosen to follow the route of conventual medicine this premise is just as important.

Symptoms & Illnesses and Our Diagnotic Tests

Symptoms & Illnesses

We believe in a holistic system of healing based on traditional Chinese medicine and the principle of internal balance and harmony. Those fundamental theories take a deep understanding of the human body and underlying problems. It explains the importance of health and overall wellbeing, having a problem in one part of your body may cause the disruption in other organs. Therefore, to treat symptoms and illnesses, we need to identify the core of the problem before any treatments can begin.

Diagnostic Testing

Our holistic approach to healthcare combined with the advanced diagnostic tests and rapid access to accredited laboratories throughout Europe means you can be reassured that we give you a tailored treatment specifically design for your conditions and body system, to improve and better your health, naturally.

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