The secret cure for back pain

Nigel Summerley |  Daily Mail Online   Could a ‘secert’ injection cure your backache? A ‘secret’ therapy, in which fluid is injected into the ligaments around the spine, could be the answer to chronic back pain for thousands of sufferers. The treatment – prolotherapy – triggers a proliferation of healthy new connective tissue in areas that wre damaged. Ligaments ensure stability … Read More

Back pain warning over heavy schoolbags

15 Mar 2012  |  The Telegraph One in four children have back problems because they carry rucksacks to school weighing a tenth of their body weight, researcher have said. A study of 1403 schoolchildren aged between 12 and 17 found a quarter suffered from back-pain which lasted for more than 15 days. The most common problem was curvature of the … Read More

Free From Candida – Child of London 2010

Candida is a type of yeast which lives in moderate amounts in our intestinal flora without causing any harm. Its growth is kept in check by the presence of beneficial bacteria. However, today we often consume large amounts of foods and products which disrupt the balance of surrounding bacteria and allow Candida to get out of control. These include sugar, … Read More