(Oxygen Therapy)

The Indications for Ozone and its Underlying Active Mechanisms of Action


Disinfection, wound cleansing and improved wound healing.
  • Activation of RBC metabolism with an improvement of oxygen release
  • Activation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and radical scavengers
  • Activation of immunocompetent cells with release of cytokins such as interferons and interleukins.
  • Modulation of the immune system
  • Increase of antioxydative capacity by activation of biological antioxidants

Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Activation of antioxidative enzymes as radical scavengers
  • Activation of immunocompetent and cartilage cells with release of TGF-ß
  • Disinfection,
  • Wound cleansing,
  • Improved wound healing


Symptoms, Diagnosis Tests and Treatment

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